J a day and a lighter load

Hello all of you wonderful peeps!

I’m posting a different type of J a day drawing today.  Todays drawing has J’s in the drawing, it’s not a picture of a J.  There are two reasons for this.  First of all, I like to change things up once in awhile.  Secondly, this drawing came from deep inside me and I like it alot. 

I told you yesterday that a very good friend had asked me some questions that really made me take a look inside.  It’s kind of amazing to me that I have such varied friends in my life.  I have friends that are silly and playful and friends that are always most serious.  I enjoy my interaction with them all.  They all bring different types of gifts and in turn different types of happiness into my life.  And then I have this other friend.  He and I have been able to be totally and completely gut level honest with each other since we met over six years ago.  He has absolutely no problem asking me the hard questions and demanding I answer myself honestly.  Sometimes this is a painful process because it forces me to face the fallout from my past.  I told him yesterday that I feel like an onion sometimes.  He just keeps peeling back one layer after another and helping me look at what is underneath.  This is the inspiration for this drawing.  I hope that you are lucky enough to find a friend like this along your path.  Because what I am learning is this…..after the pain comes the most beautiful freedom and lightness of being.  Everyday I am finding more courage.  I am looking forward to the other good things I find inside.  Here is todays J a day. 

J7 Layers and self discovery.

Now I’m off to make some more soap.  Valentines will be here before you know it!  Have a wonderful day.  Be kind to someone who is being mean today.  It freaks them out and it’s good karma!  *Grins*  Love to you all.


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