Back with more soap.

Hi Yall,

Wow!  I did NOT realize it has been this long since I last posted.  Life has been crazy over here.  I’ve been busy looking for a job, making soap, sewing birds, painting and trying to be a better human being.  I tell ya, I could easily get into a lil depression or funk over the job situation, but I refuse!  I have decided I am going to be cheerful and have faith no matter what! 

So how does a girl who is out of a job fill the night hours?  Well she makes soap of course!  She paints and she sews birds.  I’ve made a LOT of soap since my last posting.  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas?  LOL  I have joined a forum called The Dish.  There are so many wonderful people on this forum.  So many dedicated and educated soap makers.  There are heated discussions, as on any forum, but overall these people are exceptionally helpful and kind.  It’s so nice to have found such a supportive group.  As I become more familiar with them I am going to ask permission to post some of their soaps.  You will simply not believe the beautiful things these artists create! 

So my last post I promised more pics of my soaps so here you go.  I’m going to be posting regularly again as I am finally getting into a rhythm with everything I need to get done during the day.  I want to thank those of you who have emailed me to make sure I am okay.  *BIG HUGS*  Yes I am and you bless me with your concern and caring!  🙂   Now on to the pics!

Cold Process Pink Flamingo Soap

Cold Process Pink Wave Soap


This was a batch of soap I made with an “Ocean” scent.  I was all proud of the waves on top.  Well it turns out this batch had lye pockets so I had to rebatch it so it was mellow and creamy.   Rebatching means you have to shred the soap up and cook it on the stove, in the crock pot or in the microwave in order to complete the saponification process and get rid of any lye.


And this is the rebatch.  Looks like spam!  LMAO!   The good news is that when I trimmed it, it was actually pretty and VERY creamy and smooth.  Everyone I gave a bar to LOVED it.  Live and learn.  🙂

Wave soap rebatch

Wave soap now known as spamorama! LOL

Next I made some peppermint soap.  I simply fell in LOVE with the way this turned out!  And it smells YUMMMMMMMMO! 

Peppermint Soap with Gold Mica

Peppermint Soap with Gold Mica

 Then I had to make some chocolate soap.  This has darkened up quite a bit since I took this pic.  It smells really good but I think next time I’ll add more fragrance oil.  This one kinda faded a bit in the process.  I also used some gold mica but it completely disappeared.  I’m still working on that.

Chocolate Soap

Chocolate Soap

The next thing I wanted to try was some embeds.  I had some trimmings left over from an orange cranberry soap I made so I decided to incorporate them into a white log as an experiment.  I still had some of the orange cranberry scent left over so I went for it.

First Embeds Log

First Embeds Log Unmolded

I got kind of excited when I unmolded it.  I could tell it was going to be fun and interesting when I cut it.

First Embeds Soap Log Cut

First Embeds Soap Log Cut

I was right!  It was so much fun cutting this soap!  I had a couple of people tell me it reminded them of the Korean flag.  I had so much fun with this particular project.  I am looking forward to trying it again. 

For the last couple of days I have been making hot process soaps in the crockpot.  I am really enjoying this as well.  The soaps are turning out beautifully and the feel wonderful on my skin!  I’m completely hooked on them.  Tomorrow I will take some pics of the soaps I’ve made the last couple of days and post them here.  I hope you enjoyed these and thanks for looking!  🙂  Keep checking back because I’m going to be giving some of this soap away.  I am also going to be giving away a bird soon.  I am thinking of having a couple of contests just for fun.  Email me with any thoughts or ideas.  I LOVE hearing from yall!  🙂  Peace and love and more blogging tomorrow.

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  1. The peppermint soap looks lovely!! I’m sure it smells awesome too!!

  2. Hi Bunny,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes it does! That batch is already spoken for but I’m going to be making some more soon. I think I will try another swirl as well. Stay posted for pics! 🙂

  3. Ok…so LOVIN the spam soap!! HEE HEE!! I do believe the actual name is Pink Flamingo. I got home from work one day, and WHILE I was chatting on the phone with you, Ms. DeWylde, I find this really nice package in the mail with samples of soap!! I have a bar of Pink Flamingo and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. I must say they are both WUNNERFUL! I swap off in the shower – one day oatmeal, the next day Pink Flamingo. NICE lather, great scent.
    You are well on your way gal!
    LOVE YA!!! And thanks for the soap gift!

  4. Love your soaps, if you are looking for some really funky molds to match your funky colors check out Soap Molds

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