It’s soap and a magical day!!

Hey Yall,

Today has been a magical day.  It started out having a wonderful breakfast with my friend Peggy.  We had breakfast at Cracker Barrell.  Yummm!!  As we were leaving, this sweet little girl came up and talked to me and gave me the biggest and sweetest hug.  She was just precious and it simply touched my heart. 

So this afternoon I went to put clothes in the dryer and I reached up to touch the blocks of soap I had demolded that were, I thought, a total loss.  Well guess what?  It was firm!  So I took it off the shelf and decided to slice it up.  It’s still very wet but it’s soap!  I posted pics on my soap forum and I got some wonderful advice from the soap guru’s.   They all seem to be of the opinion that these bars will harden into real soap!  I can’t tell you how this makes my heart sing.  LOL  I am IN LOVE with the scent of this soap and it broke my heart to think of having to throw it out.  I think the soap fairy has smiled on me!  WOOT!

So here are the pics.  I love the way the color turned out.  I am TOTALLY in love with the way it smells.  I can’t wait till it hardens enough to use.  Blessings and Peace!!  More love and blogging tomorrow.


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