No diamonds in this batch!

Okay so the first batch of soap did NOT turn out.  I was a lil disappointed but I good friend pointed something out to me last night.  I was lamenting about the wasted time and wasted money.  He reminded me that it wasn’t wasted if I learned from it.  He’s right!  🙂  So this morning I logged on and found that many of the soapers on the forum had followed up with comments.  Many were helpful suggestions on how to change the recipe to make it harder.  ALL of them were encouraging and uplifting.  I’m so impressed and touched by these people and their willingness to share their knowledge.  So they told me to put the soap up and let it cure.  So I sort of peeled the molds off of it this morning and it is now residing on a shelf in my laundry room.  I don’t hold much hope for this batch but I suppose time will tell.  I passed the tongue test with no zap whatsoever.  I wasn’t really surprised by this as it’s kinda oil heavy.  If nothing else, I may chunk it up in pieces and use at the bathroom sink and in the kitchen.  It just smells so darn good I can’t make myself toss it yet.  LOL  I’m going to make another batch either tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll post pics when they are ready!  Peace.

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