Clean Carpets, More Birds and A Happy Dog.

Today has been a good day.  Yesterday I rented a carpet cleaning machine and cleaned the carpets in my apt.  Waking up this morning to clean carpet was wonderful.  Isn’t it strange how the small things make us smile sometimes?  Maddison the wonder dog had a bad night a couple of nights ago.  Today she seems better.  She is eating and drinking again.  I am so glad that she is outgrowing these digestive problems.  I feel so sorry for her when she’s not well.  Today she is sassy again.  I tell her she is Miss Sass Molass when she gets this way.  She just barks more and agrees.  LOL

I finished the mouths on some of the birds too.  One of the “Chicks for the Cure” birds turned out short and fat.  I just LOVE her!  I still need to paint her beak again and add embellishments, but I think she’s going to be completely adorable.  Here’s a pic of her.

Lil short fat chick

Lil short fat chick

Each one of these birds that I complete just spurs me on to make another.  I am absolutely falling in love with these birds. 
Not only the “Chicks for the Cure” but all of them!  Each one has their own personality when they are finished. 
I call this one Strawberry Girl.  I found this fabric in my stash.  I have no idea how old it is because I have been buying fabrics for years.  I can’t remember what I bought at stores versus what I have found at estate sales and the like.  I just find fabric combinations I like and make birds.  I’ve also bought some new fabrics over the last few weeks.  I can’t wait till I finish the little blue birds and the birds with roses I have sewn up already. 
Strawberry Girl

Strawberry Girl

This girl has so much country charm!  I just LOVE the red gingham with the strawberry fabric.  I’m going to add just a touch of very very fine glitter to her beak and this girl will be done.
In case any of you were wondering if I finished the first practice bird, I did.  I’m not going to sell her I am going to keep her.  She’s a lil skinny for me, but she was the inspiration for the rest of them and I love her for that reason.  Her body is made out of some of the vintage fabric I had in my stash.  Her feet are a lil misshapen because I had never made them before.  She is going to live in my studio singing to Edgars music.  Every musician needs an audience!  I’ll post a pic as soon as I have their house finished.  🙂
Skinny Singer

Skinny Singer

Well it’s time for dinner.  The wonder dog is giving me the eyeball.  LOL!  Stay tuned for more birds and more art.  All good is coming my way and I am embracing it each day!  More blogging and more pics tomorrow.  Peace and Love!
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