The Wonder Dog and Bird Heaven

Where to begin, where to begin.  LOL  Well, first of all I got an email from Winter and the “Chicks for the Cure” have been approved for the Komen auction.  YAY!  YAY!  YAY!  I’ve got some cute ideas for these special girls.  I’ll post pics as I work on them.  Thank God the auction is in Oct. so I have some time to really get creative.

Now on the home front.  Maddison Isabella, you know, the wonder dog, the sunshine of my life, my gift from God?  That dog.  Well….this little angel, snuck with great stealth into my studio and stole Bette the bird off of my table.  I didn’t catch her until the damage was already done.  *sighs*  Bette the bird has gone to birdie heaven.  Below is the pic.  It doesn’t show all the damage, but alot of it.

Poor Bette

Poor Bette

Now the really BAD thing about this is that I woke up yesterday and had an email from someone who wanted to buy Bette!!  I am very blessed that this woman is understanding and is going to give me time to make another one.  I am also very blessed that I have enough material to do that!   I DID mention that this dog was my gift from God right?  The one that he made JUST for me?  LOL  Good grief!!  And just for the record…she did NOT “bring it to mamma” because when I saw what she had I let out a horrified sigh followed by Maddison NOOOOOOOOOO!   She immediately dropped the bird and ran, but it was too late.   So, from now on, all birds will reside on the mantle where the wonder dog can’t reach them.  Ahhhhhh the joys of motherhood!  LOL   More blogging and more love tomorrow.  Have a great sunday all!  Peace.

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