Job Hunting, Race for the Cure and Birds

Today was bizarre.  I woke up early and got showered.  Had my clothes all layed out on the bed ready to go on a job interview.  I made 39 calls today.  39 calls and nothing.  I have made a commitment to myself that I am NOT going to get or be depressed about this.  No matter what, I know in my knower that things are going to work out. 

So what does one do when one wants to take their mind off of themselves?  Go do something nice for someone else.  🙂  So this is what I did.   I can’t say what I did or who I did it for, but I am grateful for the opportunity to encourage someone.  It helped me more than it helped them I believe. 

Soooooooo, after the calls and the good deed, I went to the store.  I had to buy rice and frozen white chicken.  The wonder dog is still on a VERY strict diet so this is what we buy every week for her to eat.  She loves it.  I tease her everynight that she is a princess dog with her very own chef.  ME!   LOL   She is worth every single grain of rice I cook for her though.  God made this dog just for Me.  What a GIFT!!!  Thank You Father. 

After the store I worked on some of the birds.  I made several of them this week.  It was challenging to get some of them to stand.  I couldn’t figure out why this one bird in particular was so difficult.  Tonight, as I painted their beaks….I realized why.  I sewed her wings in a downward position instead of an up position.  It wasn’t on purpose but she looks like she’s belting out a song.   Here is a pic of her.

One of the birds for the Chicks for the Cure line.

One of the birds for the "Chicks for the Cure" line.

I am having sooooooooo much fun making these birds!  They are just like my dolls in that respect.  I make their bodies, but they don’t really come to life until I add the eyes and beaks.  These are just prototypes, but I am in love with them.  You will notice that this one is are wearing the pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness.   I’m not sure, but I THINK they will be okay to add to the Komen for the Cure Auction that I am involved in on Ebay.  I’m going to email and check.  Please visit this link Komen for the Cure Auctions
This will take you to the ME page on Ebay for more information on the auctions. Thank you for looking and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU if you buy something!  Below is some more bird silliness.

Homage to the Divine Ms. M

Homage to the Divine Ms. M

Now this picture is a picture of Bette. Pronounced the same as Bette Midler. *Snickers* I made her a boa because…well…she’s very colorful. I think I am going to add some swarvoski crystals to her too. I mean…anyone named after the Divine Ms. M. HAS to have some bling! LOL I just looked up the meaning of the name Bette. Man did it make me smile! Meaning: Its source is Elisheva, a Hebrew name meaning “God’s promise.” That was a special message JUST for me. *beams* Life is good, it’s only getting better! Peace and love to you all.

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  1. OH the chics are darling! And each with their own personality! What fun and how clever. Can’t wait to them on the auction komen

  2. Chicks for the Cure….that’s is just too clever and catchy too!

  3. Thank you winter! *HUGS* I’m glad you approve. I will be adding at least two of the “Chicks for the Cure” to the auctions then. They are so much fun to make I’m becoming addicted to them! LOL

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