Bird Silliness and Puppy Rewards

Today was productive.  I got legs on several birds.  I also added eyes and beaks.  Tomorrow I will paint the beaks after the glue on the legs has set.  There are two birds who are giving me FITS about balancing.  It’s amazing to me how difficult it can be to find their center of gravity.  They are turning out really CUTE though!  🙂  I’m happy with them overall.

This is a picture of a silly bird I made out of a fabric ball.  I am going to list her on Etsy.  Maybe someone will take pity on her and take her home.  LOL 

bird silliness

bird silliness









The wonder dog earned a treat today.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but Maddison Isabella has a MAJOR paper fetish.  It matters not if it is loose paper, cards, cardboard or my favorite book of poetry.  If it is paper she is on board for making snow.  Tonight she stole a receipt from the counter and I heard the familiar shredding sounds.  I walked into the living room and said….”Maddison, this is not your stuff.  Give it to mamma.”  And she DID!!!  I was so excited I hugged her and loved on her and told her what a fabulous dog she was…..then gave her a treat.  She was so proud of herself.  LOL  Maybe there IS hope!  More pics and posts tomorrow.  Peace.

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