Reading, Art and Birds

I woke up this morning, as I do most every morning to birds singing outside my window.  At various times in my life I have been more appreciative of their songs than at others.  At this time in my life I am not only appreciative but grateful for them.  They remind me first thing to remember the little things in life that matter.  Taking a minute in the morning to just lay there and listen to them sing makes me smile.  It’s right after I hear them that I reach over and wake up the wonder dog. 

I realized this morning just how blessed I am in so many ways.  Maddison sleeps with me and she is not happy unless she is touching me when she sleeps.  She generally sleeps with her back along mine, but sometimes, like this morning, she curls into a ball and backs up until she is touching me.  This morning it dawned on me what a comfort she is to me and how much she has changed my life for the better.  Animals do that without any effort.  They simply are.  What a wonderful purpose to have.

This is a picture of a basket of birds I am working on.

Basket of Birds

Basket of Birds

  I recently decided I wanted to do something with my hands at night while I was watching tv so I decided to design a bird pattern and try it out.   The first bird I made turned out a lil skinny for me. 

Lil bird

Lil bird

 She’s cute and all but I prefer the others who are a lil fluffier.  I’m not sure about the legs either.  I know the fatter birds will stand differently and I’m not even sure if I want them standing or sitting.  I have one listed on Etsy right now with no legs.  I have her tail in the down position.  It helps her balance but she doesn’t seem as cheerful as the ones with the tail up.   I made one with candy corn material and a black fabric.  She’s in the background of the basket.  I’m thinking of putting a little witch hat on her for halloween.  I know it’s a weird fabric to use for a bird but I couldn’t resist trying it.  *grins*   I love the process of adding the trims and the beads to them.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out!  I’m also finding that I seem to be leaning to “all white” in some things.  So I made an all white bird.  It’s going to be a challenge to decorate her.  I’m looking forward to it.   I’ve also got an idea for a bunch of all white birds with different decorations.  I’ll keep you posted as I go along!

This week I’ve got to work on my painting for the Komen auction for the cure.  I participate in this auction every year.  It is run by a group I belong to on Ebay called PEP.  It stands for Painting Ebay Pretty.  This is an absolutely lovely group of women who are also very talented artists.  🙂  I’m blessed to know them.  I’ll be posting pics here of the progress of the painting as well as the link to the auction info.  PLEASE visit and purchase something.  100% of the profits go to the Susan Komen race for the cure charity.  Having lost my sister to cancer in 2004 this is something very close to my heart.  To any of you struggling out there, keep the faith and know that there are MANY MANY survivors every single day.  *HUGS*  To those of you who help and support this cause, thank you Thank You THANK YOU.  You will be blessed.

I’m still reading and studying the Master Key System.  I’m still growing and changing and becoming more grateful for my life every single day.  Peace to you all.

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  1. I LUV them!! I LIKE the little legs!! They are very happy…

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