Back from the Bog

Holy God I can’t believe it’s been this long since I have blogged! 

Alot of things have changed in my life over these past few months.  I lost a job, decided to open an Etsy shop, went through hell and back with some health issues with Maddison the wonder dog,  (She is better now) and lost a friend who I thought would be in my life forever. 

I’ve also been studying “The Secret” and I’m learning alot and changing alot.  PLEASE don’t email me and tell me I’m going to hell for this.  LOL  I’ve heard it all and I totally disagree with that.  For me personally, this has been the answer I was praying for.  If you’ve checked it out and it’s not for you then go find YOUR bliss and leave me to mine.  🙂   If you are one of those people who haven’t even checked it out but have made up your mind because of something others have told you, I would recommend you open your mind and stop letting others make major decisions for you.

It’s late and I’m going to bed.  I’ll blog more tomorrow.  I’ll also add the link to my Etsy shop.  Etsy ROCKS and I’m going to love it there.  I’ve already met some of the most wonderful human beans (yes I know that spells bean, it’s a joke!  *L*) over there.  It’s so awesome to meet people who are like minded and who understand what it is to make a living making art and handmade things. 

I bought an ornament from Lorraine at Country Fried Studio’s on Etsy.  She makes the most awesome ornies!  Go immediately and check her out.  Look on her sold items and you will see Edgar.  Edgar is THE MAN and he’s coming to live with me.  YAY! 

Okay off to bed to snuggle with the wonder dog.  More art, more blogging and more love tomorrow.  Peace.

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