Angels and Cats

Well here are the pictures I promised you yesterday.  I went to take the pics when I got home and my batteries were dead in my camera.  It takes them several hours to charge so I had to wait until today. 

This is Priscilla.  She is the first painting I did off of my list of words from my Sassy Southern Sisters in my ebay group.  She is respresenting the word “pink”.  I think she turned out really cute.  I love using the brighter colors in my work.  Especially when I’m painting kitties.  🙂  

This close up pic is much closer to the real colors in the painting.  My camera has a wicked flash and washes color out sometimes as is evident on the picture above.


This is Dapper Dan.  He is the second painting off of my list.  Dan is respresenting the word “Era” as he is from an era long ago.  He’s still very handsome though.  Don’t you think?  Both of these little paintings are done on canvas boards that measure 5 X 7.  It’s funny to me how I love doing small pieces but I have a huge desire to do really big pieces too.  Unfortunately, right now I don’t have the space to work on the really large pieces.  Someday…….*smiles*……someday.

This angel was inspired when I was reading Hebrews.  Instead of painting the verse on the painting, I simply painted Hebrews 4:16 in the top right corner.  Maybe it will inspire someone to look it up?  🙂

She’s painted on a solid block of wood.  I LOVE painting on wood.  There is something kind of “raw” about it that I don’t get when I paint on canvas.  It’s just a different experience for me that’s hard to put into words.  The work is “solid” and feels more permanent.  I have absolutely no science to back this up.  LOL!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy her.  I’m working all day tomorrow at the flower shop so I’m going to spend tonight playing with Miss Maddison.  Have a great night all.  🙂   Peace.

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