Sunshine and Praise

Hi Y’all, sorry it’s been a couple of days since I posted.  I’ve been mad crazy busy making dolls and dealing with life issues.  I finished an adorable little prim black doll today.  I was going to snap a final pic of her but didn’t get to it before dark.  My camera’s flash is way strong so I always use natural light.  I’ll post her pic here tomorrow.  She is going up on ebay tomorrow too. 

Praise angelI did manage to get a pic of this sweet angel.  I painted her after I got home from running errands today.  She is painted on a 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 inch block of wood.  It’s over an inch thick.  I LOVE painting on wood.  I was going to seal her with beeswax, but then I decided to collage the word “Praise” on her so now I think I will seal her with a matt sealer.  I painted her sides black so she can hang with no need for framing or a shaddow box.  I’m happy with her.  I love the warmth.

I’m making some dolls to send to WV.  There is the most amazing little shop there and the owner is interested in looking at some of my dolls.  I hope he likes some of them enough to let them live in his shop.  I’m crossing my fingers.  🙂  I was thinking I would take a pic of them in a group and post it here when finished. 

The mountain cabin painting has a bid on it.  I started it out at 99 cents for fun.  I love to do that sometimes.  It’s fun to watch and see if it gets any bids or one bid etc.  A couple of times people have even won a piece of my art for 99 cents.  I think it’s kinda cool even though it’s not profitable.  LOL  But it’s almost like they were supposed to have that piece ya know?

I’m trying to figure out how to put You Tube vids on here.  As soon as I do, I want to add a couple.  I love music and I love art and it is so cool when those two come together.  Well I’m off to do some more painting.  I’m trying to follow my Ta Da list and keep myself on track.  I think it’s working! 🙂 

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