What a great day!

 Black Crow Red Night   I woke up so happy this morning.  Four of my items have bids on them on Ebay.  YAY!  My friends all laugh at me when bids come in.  I get excited like a little kid.  I guess part of it is the fact that I’m depending on that income to live, but mostly it is because for any artist, your work is such a personal thing.  Everytime you create something and put it out there, it’s like you are putting part of you out there.  This week I painted a really cool red box with a black crow on it.  I was so surprised at how fast I got this done.  It was like I was in “the zone”.  LOL  Anyway, I thought I would post a pic here.  I’m going to list it on Ebay later today. I added Joel Osteens link to my blogroll.  I just love his ministry and find him to be very very uplifting.  Yesterday I watched him and he was talking about all of us needing to find out where our giftings are and work on those.  I feel like I am doing that, and for the first time in a long time, I am trusting God totally and completely.  I know this blog is about my art and about my journey making a living with my art, but I would have nothing without God in my life.  Check Joel out if you like.  He’ll make you smile! 

I’ve decided I’m going to email some of the artists who inspire me so much and see if they mind me adding them to my blogroll.  I hope they don’t.  They are some of the most amazing artists I’ve seen.  Everything from dollmaking and painting to jewelry. 

I’ve been looking for some old hymnals or old sheet music to use in some of my art.  So far no luck, but I have faith I will find just what I am looking for.  I also made some cinnamon ornaments yesterday for my prim dollies.  Oh my goodness do they smell WONDERFUL! This was my girlfriend Joyce’s idea.  Thank you Joyce!  I love it! 

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